Experience success, on your own terms.

I’m a success coach & productivity expert, helping purposeful women set and achieve meaningful goals at work and at home.

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I’m a Success Coach & Productivity Expert. Around here, you’ll find practical tips, encouragement, and a whole lot of female empowerment.

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calendar management

Clear the mental clutter, and organize your life.

Get all of your tasks and reminders in ONE place.

Stop forgetting tasks or missing appointments.

Streamline communication & get control of your inbox.

Craft a unique system that works for YOU!

Create a plan for addressing your immediate needs.

No more time wasted or unaccounted for.



30 Minute Training Video

Tips & Tricks for Gmail, Outlook, iPhones and Android Phones

Resources for Scheduling, Automation & Optimization

1:1 consult


50 Minute 1:1 Zoom Call

Immediate Feedback & Customized Action Plan

Access to the Self-Paced Training & Resources


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at your next team member training.

Setting and achieving meaningful goals at work & at home

Organizing your calendar and to-do list for intentional living


Starting at $475

Starter Strategy Session to Understand Your Team Needs

60-90 Minute Live Workshop & Break Out Discussion

Access to Resources for all Workshop Participants

personalized coaching

A creative, collaborative process, where I help you clarify your goals and maximize your potential—in both your personal and professional life.

Uncover what’s keeping you from achieving your goals.

Determine the driving force behind your desires, then define and accomplish goals.

Work through any barriers that surface during the process.

success coaching

designed for any working woman

12 Week Experience

Six 1:1 Sessions, 50 Minutes Per Session

Coaching with a focus on clarifying and reaching your goals, value alignment, and overcoming obstacles standing in the way of your success.

Resources & accountability to ensure you take action and make progress toward your goals.

kind words

"Meaghan's guidance was invaluable.

When I found Meaghan I was struggling to balance being a mom and the opportunity to grow my design business. I was hesitant to invest in myself but after a consultation, I realized her help was exactly what I needed! She helped me weigh my options, decide what I wanted from this phase and opportunity, and take the steps to make it a reality.  In just one month, my extra earnings thanks to the rate increase she helped me through have already covered my investment with Meaghan - times two!"

- Emily Wallace, Freelance graphic designer

kind words

"Working with Meaghan has fundamentally changed the way I look at my business and personal life.

When I have felt stuck in a business goal or vision, she knows the right questions to ask me two that I come up with the answers. I feel more confident and excited about what my future holds. She clearly is prepared, well read, and researched; she listens well and adapts her questions and the flow of the conversation to help me shape my vision and business goals.”

- Gabriela Kavanaugh, Caballo Rojo Coffee

kind words

"I cannot recommend Meaghan enough! Such a worthwhile investment!

Before working with Meaghan, I found myself wanting to be able to enjoy my successful business but felt like it was running me instead of me running it. Throughout our sessions, Meaghan asked lots of questions and gave me simple, actionable suggestions and tools that have helped me make more informed and strategic decisions. "

- Kate Gaffney, Avryn Co.

kind words

"I’m so happy to have built such a strong foundation with Meaghan over the last year.

Our work together prepared me for taking more action and pushed me to always be growing. I'm able to attack my hardships of always changing priorities and work/life balance now. Also I'm diving deeper into myself to grow as a person and leader. I’m definitely getting outside my comfort zone more and, instead of crawling back in a metaphoric hole, I’m letting it propel me."

- Aly Impellizzeri, Director of Marketing & Catering at Chick-fil-A

kind words

"After just one session, I discovered that Meghan was exactly what I needed and everything I didn't know I needed.

She came into my life at a time when my confidence was messily tied up in false assumptions about what it would take for me to follow my dreams. Meaghan sharpened me, encouraged me and she challenged me. She offered me practical tools and connected me to resources I could not have otherwise found. She's a great listener and coaches her clients based on their purpose and passion above all else."

- Pamela Thompson, Peiea Grace

kind words

"Working with Meaghan has been a game changer.

Prior to coaching with Meaghan, I felt like I was shooting blanks in the dark. Yes, blanks! But since working with Meaghan, I have been more productive and more focused. She keeps me accountable with weekly email check-ins and honest by asking the hard questions."

- Yana Conner, Writer & Bible Teacher